My name is Erin Harper

I grew up in the same house my dad grew up in, on a farm on the High Plains of eastern Colorado. I have had ten addresses since leaving.

I raised a herd of prized, milk-making-machines; fifteen Holstein heifers named after percussion instruments. Their milk money helped send me off to college.  Weird that I don’t like milk.

My most recent writing and directing projects include adapting award winning novelist, Greg Hill’s work. His first novel in a trilogy, EAST OF DENVER is being developed as a feature. His essay, “Now Museum, Now You Don’t” is a short film, in the financing stage, called VERAL. These are springboards for my original series that involves rural culture where the outsider holds the key to the unexpected.  I want to work with local auteurs inside of fiction storytelling. 

I’m creating an observational documentary farm series capturing different practices across the country.  

My recent project, directing and editing the full-length documentary, MY WILD HEART is in festival consideration.

A little bit from my past:

I produced the feature film, MY BEST DAY, written and directed by Erin Greenwell, which premiered at The Sundance Film Festival in 2012.

I directed a short film, PASSION, receiving New York state funding for development into a live performance of improvised film and jazz.

I’ve had the privilege to work as a cinematographer with Barbara Hammer on her two latest films, MAYA DEREN’S SINK and WELCOME TO THIS HOUSE about Elizabeth Bishop.  The former received the Teddy Award at Berlinae Festival and the latter received support from the Guggenheim Fellowship.  

I edited 100 short videos for the YMCA of the USA about people who have changed their lives through the “Y.”  

I worked with the politically active Las Estrellas high school women of Yuma, CO.  With the sponsorship of Padcaster, I introduced cinematic storytelling to these young women by using tricked out smartphones.

I’m honored to document world famous musicians on recording sessions and festivals and to direct documentaries about inspiring artists.

I direct, produce, shoot and edit for corporations, not-for-profit organizations, real estate, marketing, television networks, independent film companies, workers’ unions, human rights’ organizations and professional artists. 

I teach, too, because I love learning and I love when people learn how they learn.

I don’t know how to reconcile urban and rural living. I’m using art to work that out.