my wild heart. director/editor. 2019 Festival consideration.

MY WILD HEART is a documentary I directed with Producer and Co-Director Lily Vakili about the Iranian-American plant geneticist and sculptor, Nader Vakili.

MY WILD HEART is an artist love story about Nader Vakili and his persistent creative expression influenced by Persian poetry, by life as a young Iranian student seeking to leave an uncertain political future in 1948, by experiencing the frustrations and humiliations of prejudice in a long career in science, by involvement in the Vietnam war, and by watching the love of his life -- his wife, Mary Jane -- suffer with Alzheimer's. 

Nader traveled the world for field research alongside his wife and six children while also carting around his six-ton-collection of tropical hardwood. Now at 91, with Mary Jane no longer living with Nader, he faces his own mortality, the towering wood pile, and the absence of his beloved. He picks up his hammer and chisel and continues to carve.

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Enjoy this preview clip from MY WILD HEART


I directed the first three years of the project DEVIL MAY CARE. New production and direction under Mabooshi Films have retitled the project, BUT FOR NOW: The Music & Mojo of Bob Dorough.

This is an excerpt from DEVIL MAY CARE.

Bob Dorough (as in “thorough”). Troubadour. RIP. April 23, 2018.

When I interviewed people that knew Bob, there was always an unspoken, physical moment that happened before the stories rolled off their tongues. The focus went inside: smile, chuckle, exhale, knowing nod and a drawn-out, “Ahhhhh, Bob.” I could tell each person had been touched by him in a deep, personal, heartwarming way. And then the fun began. Tales of eras gone by and this hep cat in the scene. His songwriting wit, the emotional depth of his lyrics, his genius for arranging and for invention. His personal resiliency and his great love of life, people and music. It was a seismic ripple. Thank you, Bob, for (as Fran Landesman wrote), “…living dangerously and making songs for fools like me.”