VERAL. In Development. Writer/Director.

VERAL is a short film adapted from Greg Hill’s essay entitled, “Now Museum, Now You Don’t.” Both the essay and my screenplay were published this year by Jap Sam Books in an anthology entitled, “Future Rural Archive.” 

Forgotten in the shadows of passing storms, the High Plains are a strange, brutal country. A land of isolation where you learn to take care of yourself or you’ll die waiting for help. What happens if help never comes in a town whose Main street attractions are a coffee shop and a bar? Living in the shadows, ALICIA (13), steely eyed and resourceful, holds the key to the town’s dark secret. HAZE, a city newspaper reporter, searches for a lead to a rural museum. He discovers a map painted with finger nail polish on turtle’s shell, which leads to Alicia’s “Wax” Museum, the walls lined with Veral’s denizens dating back to the 19th century. They are mummies preserved with her great-great grandmother’s superior formula. Alicia tells Haze that she will pass down the family recipe. But to whom?

Appearances are not always what they seem. Reality is questionable and fantasy is palpable. 

This is a lookbook for the short VERAL.